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March 6, 2014:

I registered with GrassRoots Rx in September of 2013, but since I could find very little information on this producer and their products, it has always moved further down my list of dispensaries to check out. After reviewing their weekly email newsletters, my impression is that GrassRoots usually has menu offerings in all three categories: indicas, sativas, and blends. They also carry Mkage, a high-CBD strain, and extracts and topicals.

Noteworthy information from their newsletters includes a mention of free seeds to PPLs (which I thought was cool). Also of note is that in December of 2013, the newsletter indicated that, “we do not have long distance telephone service in our area,” along with a mention in January 2014 that GrassRoots is looking to open a storefront location in the Albuquerque area.

In researching GrassRoots, I noticed that there is rarely a mention of them on the more mainstream cannabis websites. There are two articles (2012 and 2013) about the owner here:

I have only communicated with this producer through Alicia, via email. In response to my questions, here is some of the information she provided:

“Since we do not attempt to be the ‘biggest’ in the state, we have only once completely run out of product and rarely restrict the amounts purchased (except as required by the NM DOH). We do not have a limit on the number of patients [accepted by our dispensary] and are usually able to serve our patient base.”

Further, Alicia indicated that there are usually no quantity limits per strain.

“We harvest on a weekly basis and the strains we have available does vary, but we generally have product available. We almost always have our exclusive Bubba Berry on hand, which is one of our strongest indicas.”

When I asked about posting THC/CBD levels on their website, Alicia told me that this information will soon be added for edibles, but it will be awhile before they are added for bud. Additionally, she said that, “Once we convert to testing all our offerings, we will be forced to increase our prices due to the added expense.”

Alicia said, “Some of our products have been tested by other producers and they have always tested in the 18-22% range. We have always had the reputation of having some of the strongest levels of THC in the state.”

When I asked about THC percentages for sativas, Alicia said she was not aware of any testing that had been performed specifically for sativas from GrassRoots.

As for the sativas I asked about, she said, “Both of these strains [Pineapple Skunk and Lemon Skunk] are commercial Sativas. We have Pineapple Skunk 3-4 times a year and try to keep Lemon Skunk on hand – but we do run out of the Lemon Skunk on occasion due to high demand.”

I told Alicia what I was looking for, and asked her to choose an indica for me. She chose Bubba Berry, their “most popular indica.” I ordered on a Wednesday, GrassRoots responded within 24 hours, and it was delivered by a nice young lady by Friday afternoon.

No batch number
THC estimated by GRRX: 18% – 22% (did not see test results)

The Bubba Berry had the usual amount of sticks/stems, no seeds or resin, and was crumbly but still held some moisture. It’s got a very light diesel smell, but is not as fragrant as strains from High Desert or R. Greenleaf. Smooth and light, with less odor when smoking, but a little difficult to keep lit. Strength rating: 3.75 (4, minus .25 for lack of terpene strength)

Since the Bubba Berry is not strong enough for intractable pain, I don’t think I have any interest in GrassRoots’ line of indicas, but their blends and sativas may hold some possibilities. Considering this is the cheapest price I’ve paid since becoming a medical cannabis patient in New Mexico, I will definitely try GrassRoots again. And I am really looking forward to the possibility of being able to view (and smell) future purchases at a store-front dispensary.

April 2014:

I believe that growing marijuana strong enough to treat intractable pain is an art form. I believe that every grower, no matter how experienced, can have a bad crop (for whatever reason). I also believe in second chances — and third and fourth chances, too. For all these reasons (and a few others), I tried GrassRoots again.

Super Lemon Haze
Batch: 2D-022714
Not tested
$8/gr (seeded)

I was under the impression that “seeded” meant that the bud had seeds and was of lesser quality than a dispensary’s top shelf strains. I have now learned that it just means plain shake, something I have not knowingly purchased in awhile. You can see what it looks like, and the smell is not much better. I took pictures, but I haven’t tried to smoke it. If it is better than the Lemon Skunk reviewed below (although I don’t see how that’s possible), I will update this review.

Lemon Skunk
Batch: 2D-022714
Not tested

The Lemon Skunk had a strong lemony smell; more like Lemon Pledge than marijuana. One of the buds had an untrimmed stem that was over 2″ long. With no seeds or resin, it was the kind of bud that crumbles with the slightest amount of pressure, but still contains some moisture. It reminded me of the bud I purchased from Minerva.

I really tried to achieve an effect from the Lemon Skunk. After attempting to hold the medicine in my lungs for longer than usual, I think there may have been times when my face turned quite blue with the effort. Yet my efforts were in vain. After I smoked one joint and felt absolutely nothing, I put the remainder in my “Only When I’m Desperate” drawer.

No patient is happy with bad bud, and I am no exception. But even further than that, I am embarrassed that I made such a poor choice, even after being in the program for a year. (And if I were that producer, I would be embarrassed to call that marijuana OR medicine.)

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