My review of High Desert Relief (March 2014)

HDR has a few strains with enough strength for chronic pain, like BlackBerry Kush. The Island Sweet Skunk (21.9% THC, .33 CBDs, Batch 11.29.13.ISS) is one of their stronger sativas.

Unfortunately, these strains are hard to come by. Not only do you need to closely watch for them in the strain rotation, but you’ll want to put your order in as soon as you see them arrive — the latest batch of BlackBerry Kush sold out in about one day. As for the ISS, it’s been months since it has been available, and I’m told it could be a couple more months before it returns.

The other problem with HDR is that they can close down, without warning — once for like 4 days.

HDR is not a fancy dispensary, and it doesn’t need to be. One of the best things about their bud is that almost all of their strains are very fragrant and fresh smelling — in other words, strong terpenes. That doesn’t always mean enough THC strength for chronic pain, but it sure smells nice. 🙂

I think HDR’s prices are too high, but then I think the prices at all the dispensaries are too high. Their prices are somewhere in the middle range of the current market.

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