Taking Care of Business: The Effects of Marijuana on Productivity

If you think about it, the Drug War is more about fighting the effects of dopamine (caused by certain drugs) than it is on the drugs themselves.  Yes, we should relabel the DEA’s war on drugs as a war on dopamine, one of the brain’s neurotransmitters.


This leads us to ask the question, could cannabis actually boost overall work ethic and productivity?

Contrary to popular belief, endocannabinoids are more strongly linked to ‘runner’s high’ than endorphins… ”The latest scientific evidence shows that this neurotransmitter [dopamine] acts before the pleasure or reward, encouraging us to act.”

Increased productivity can be directly linked to the brain’s dopamine levels. Although dopamine is usually linked to feeling pleasure or reward, it also acts as a motivator—and when the brain’s dopamine levels increase, there is more of a want or need to get things done.

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