Connecticut May Add Qualifying Conditions for MMJ

The board didn’t make any decision on the petition presented by the group but plans to revisit the issue at its January meeting. Even if the board members agree to support adding the four conditions, they’d still have to submit a letter of recommendation to the commissioner of Connecticut’s consumer protection agency, and the state Legislature will have the final say.

The process to add a qualifying medical condition In New Mexico is different than (then?) in Connecticut.

For instance, the Drug Policy Alliance recently petitioned a 9-member Advisory Board at the public hearing in Santa Fe to add Alzheimer’s as a qualifying condition.  But then, the Department of Health has to approve it. Currently, these decisions rest in the hands of one person: Retta Ward as the Secretary of Health.  Unfortunately, in this instance, Ms. Ward did not agreed to the Advisory Board’s recommendation for the inclusion of Alzheimer’s.

But anyone can prepare a petition (with supporting documentation) and present it at the bi-annual public hearing.  You don’t have to be a patient with a certain medical condition — as far as I know, you don’t even have to live in New Mexico.  And in my mind, if one of the symptoms of a medical condition is pain, then cannabis can help.

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