Email Scam Alert

I recently received and email that, at first glance, appeared to be from AOL:

Welcome to Aol Customer Support, it said.

From:  “Member Service to you.

When I clicked on the details from the sender, it said:  (Hmmm… Looks Australian.)

Then:  You have 10 outstanding incoming messages keep’s going back, the administrator service fined out, You are running at 98.9 gigabytes which as been your limit, All receiving of new messages as been stop until you re-validate your (painkills2) mailbox. Click here below To renew the mailbox

I hope ya’ll know that if you click on the link provided, you will have malware out the ying-yang. But the funniest part was the bottom line of the email:

©2014 Aol Tearm, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“Tearm” — that’s hilarious. 🙂

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