Panel: Quashing Prescription Drug Abuse Demands Community Effort

According to Robert Twillman, Ph.D., director of policy and advocacy for the American Academy of Pain Management, of the tens of thousands of prescription drug overdose deaths in the United States each year, more than 75 percent can be attributed to use of multiple drugs. Furthermore, he suggested, the rates of prescription overdose may be higher in recent years because people are misusing more often — not because a greater number of individuals are misusing.

Risk assessment related to an opioid prescription should include assessment of individuals who come in contact with the patient.

Sounds like the AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) is advising doctors to hire the FBI to do background checks on pain patients before a prescription is even written.  How would you like your doctor’s office calling all your friends and family to determine if they are safe to be around you while you are treated with pain medication?

Allain cautioned that the intent of the program is to reduce drug diversion and potential overdose or misuse and it should not be interpreted as a law enforcement tool.

Man, who are ya’ll trying to fool?  With DEA involvement, the PDMP should not be “interpreted” as being used for law enforcement?  Huh?  At the beginning of this article, it states:  “The best ways to battle this problem involve cooperation among physicians, pharmacists and law enforcement officers.”

Your doctors and pharmacists are now part of the drug war, part of the DEA, part of state health departments, part of a national tracking database… Seriously, pain patients are being bar-coded, tagged, marked… forever and ever, amen.  As a pain patient, you are no longer a “patient” or a healthcare consumer — you are a potential criminal, addict, and suicide case.  You are a hazard to your community.

The medical industry keeps going full-speed-ahead in the wrong direction and traveling down the wrong road.  And while I like the fact that doctors appear to be destroying their own business and place in society, it’s just plain tragic that pain patients are now on their own.

And how much do you want to bet that Project Lazarus, mentioned in this article, is the same kind of organization as Phoenix House?

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