4 thoughts on “Veterans Honoring Parade in Nassau County, Florida

      • Ahhh. I saw the Fla. Med. Can post. and thought Fla. residence. Actually, there are a lot of veterans in every state and every town within every state.

        Low THC seems tome more on the order of a placebo. That is just my opinion. The powers that be are too worried that someone might actually feel better. 😦 I wonder what the cautions and counter-indications and interactions are? … that are label posted.

        Your gravatar is beautiful.

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  1. Recent research suggests that those who suffer from PTSD may also suffer from a dysfunctional endocannabinoid system — cannabis provides a way to balance that system. Chronic pain patients achieve some of the same benefits as PTSD patients, as constant pain is really like a memory of past pain. And most veterans suffer from both chronic pain and PTSD.

    If you have a question about cautions, counter-indications, or interactions for medical cannabis, feel free to ask — I’ve done an awful lot of research on the subject.

    Appreciate the compliment for Saturn and her moon — I found it at the Wired website. They’ve got a different picture of space for each day of the year. (But they take forever to download/view.)


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