Prosecutors repeatedly stressed Brown’s pot use

A detective told jurors the term “waxing” didn’t mean much to him at first. Then the results of Brown’s toxicology reports came back on Aug. 15 showing he had high levels of THC. The detective testified that the medical examiner’s office told him the level in Brown’s system “could have potentially caused a loss in perception of space and time and there was also the possibility that there could have been hallucinations.”

According to a toxicology report, Brown had 12 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood in his system. There were no other drugs detected.

In testimony before the grand jury on Nov. 4, the chief toxicologist for St. Louis County said it was clear Brown had consumed a lot of marijuana because it would take a lot to get a 300-pound person to the level of 12 nanograms of the compound THC in his bloodstream.

“In a small person, say like 100 pounds, to get to 12 nanograms wouldn’t take a lot,” the toxicologist said. “A single joint could easily do that. But when you talk about a larger body mass, just like drinking alcohol, larger persons can drink more alcohol because they have the receptacle to hold it.”

The toxicologist said it was impossible to conclude if Brown was a chronic marijuana user or had a single acute dose within hours of his death — or how either would have affected Brown.

It seems like this medical examiner is using his own opinion and bias when finding there were “high” levels of THC. I mean, hallucinations?  It’s my understanding that this particular side effect only happens to a very small percentage of users.  And 12 nanograms is so far below what even the NFL considers to be over the limit.

Throughout months of prosecutors questioning witnesses, marijuana use, which may have involved waxing, was frequently presented as a potential explanation for why an unarmed 18-year-old attacked a police officer and then charged head first into a barrage of bullets, as Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson has testified.

They’re just trying to make cannabis look bad because they have nothing else to explain Mr. Wilson’s story of a raging monster.

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