News from the DOH

From New MexiCann newsletter 11/30/2014:
Dept. of Health Announces Public Hearing:

Licensed NonProfit Producers received an email from the Dept. informing us that a Public Hearing would be held for input and discussion on the now revised Proposed Regulations for the NM Medical Cannabis Program.

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING The New Mexico Department of Health will hold a public hearing on the proposed repeal and replacement of 7.34.2 NMAC (“Advisory Board Responsibilities and Duties”), 7.34.3 (“Registry Identification Cards”), and 7.34.4 NMAC (“Licensing Requirements for Producers, Production Facilities and Distribution”). The hearing will be held on Monday, December 29th at 9:00a.m. in the Harold Runnels Building auditorium, located at 1190 St. Francis Drive in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The public hearing will be conducted to receive public comment regarding proposed changes to these rules. A copy of these materials may be obtained from, and written comments may be submitted to: Andrea Sundberg, Program Coordinator Medical Cannabis Program New Mexico Department of Health P.O. Box 26110 1190 St. Francis Dr., Suite S-3400 Santa Fe, NM 87502-6110 505-827-2451 If you are an individual with a disability who is in need of special assistance or accommodations to attend or participate in the hearing, please contact Andrea Sundberg at the above address or telephone number. The Department requests at least ten (10) days’ advance notice for special accommodations requests 

These new Proposed Regulations have not yet been made public, but the Department’s email informed the Producers that we would receive copies on Monday, Dec. 1.  I hope so – we have scheduled a meeting of NM Drug Policy Alliance’s Cannabis Advisory Group for this Monday afternoon.  The NM Cannabis Producers Association , “The Guild”, will be scheduling a meeting this week or next to assess strategies to deal with the Proposed Regulations – but first we have to see them.

The Department’s email also outlined several of the changes made since the last Public Hearing in June.  Here they are for your info:

· PPL plant count will remain at 4 mature plants/12 seedlings

· Background checks for PPL’s will NOT be required

· Single fee structure  based on the number of total plants ($30,000 for 150 plants; $10,000 for each additional 50 plants up to 450 total)

· Withdrawal of patient registry fee (but with a $50 replacement card fee)

· Withdrawal of testing requirements for heavy metals and pesticide chemical residue; adjustments to testing standards based on public feedback

Many other issues were loudly protested at the last Public Hearing and hopefully these have also be improved upon.  We should know that tomorrow.  As soon as we have copies of the revised Proposed Regulations, I will post them for your review and comments.  I will also keep you in the loop on positions and strategies for DPA, NM Patients Alliance and The Producers Guild.

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