Let’s get to know Phoenix House

Wikipedia:  Phoenix House was founded in 1967 by six heroin addicts who met at a detoxification program in a New York hospital. Phoenix House played a role in creating the country’s first correctional treatment unit, a model now widely replicated in prisons throughout the country and abroad. Phoenix House was also an early provider of treatment as an alternative to prison.

In 1983, Phoenix House opened its first Phoenix House Academy, a residential high school where teens receive substance abuse treatment as well as daily on-site academic education. Eleven Phoenix House Academies now operate in seven states and have been designated a “model program” by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2005. The organization is funded mostly by government contracts, but also receives philanthropic support for a portion of its $100 million annual budget. In addition to residential treatment, Phoenix House’s continuum of care includes prevention and education, outpatient services, sober living and recovery support, as well as specialty programs for mothers with young children, crimininal justice clients, and the military community.

Phoenix House is affiliated with COAF (Center on Addiction and the Family). COAF helps families affected by alcohol and other drug abuse and also runs the Facts on Tap education campaign for college students.

After completing work on Cadillac Records, Beyoncé Knowles donated her entire salary to Phoenix House. Beyoncé also visited the Phoenix House Career Academy at Jay Street in Brooklyn, New York in preparation for portraying singer Etta James, who was once addicted to heroin. Beyoncé and her mother and business partner Tina Knowles later founded the Career Academy’s Beyoncé Cosmetology Center, which offers a seven-month cosmetology training program for adults.

Founder Michael Rosenthal opposes the legalization of marijuana, and has opposed needle exchanges to provide clean needles to addicts.

10/15/2012, Phoenix House Founder Joins Anti-Legalization Teleconference.  See more at: http://www.phoenixhouse.org/news-and-views/news-and-events/phoenix-house-founder-joins-anti-legalization-teleconference/#sthash.p9fbOtke.dpuf

(Some of the) Board of Directors

Richard L. Plepler: Co-President, Home Box Office

Tina Brown: Founder, The Daily Beast

William D. Rifkin: Vice Chairman of Mergers and Acquisitions, J.P. Morgan

Byron R. Wien: Vice Chairman, Blackstone Advisory Services, The Blackstone Group, L.P.

Charles A. Heimbold, Jr.: Former Ambassador to Sweden and Chairman Emeritus, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Brendan L. Hoffman: President and Chief Executive Officer, Lord & Taylor

Frank Doroff: Vice Chairman Ready To Wear and Bloomingdale’s Direct, Bloomingdale’s


$61 million+ from government contracts (FYE 6/2013)


4/24/2013, Phoenix Houses of N.Y. misused $223,000 in state funds: audit.  New York Controller Thomas DiNapoli found Phoenix Houses of New York spent state funds to pay for perks for its executives.


“Phoenix House is a nonprofit drug & alcohol rehabilitation organization with over 130 programs in nine states, serving 18000 adults and teens each year.”


8/2/2013, Howard P. Meitiner Appointed to New York State Behavioral Health Services Advisory Council – Phoenix House President & CEO Howard P. Meitiner is appointed to the Behavioral Health Services Advisory Council by Governor Andrew Cuomo, confirmed by the New York State Senate.  Our services include treatment for substance abusers with mental health problems and programs for mothers with children, outpatient and residential treatment for military personnel, veterans, and their families, impaired driver programs, and a detoxification program center.



Revenue: $50 to $100 million (USD) per year

Competitors: Unknown

3/28/2014, Time to Reroute the Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline [Right into rehab]

Click to access Phoenix-House_2012-Annual-Report1.pdf



If you want to be legitimate, you gotta have an awards ceremony.

“Our Military Services Program in New York, tailored to the special needs of veterans, operates a treatment program on Long Island, with a broad array of ancillary services. The program expanded in FY 2012, opening a Manhattan unit that provides both outpatient services and residential care.”

“Our agenda for youth has broadened with the addition of new adolescent services.”

Watch out, parents, they’re coming for your kids!

“Since 2008, marijuana use is up 18% for adolescents 12 to 17.”

Thank god!  That means they’re not drinking alcohol or snorting spice.

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