5/19/2014, No way out: Heroin addicts trapped in deadly maze


“While the majority of today’s addiction treatment clinical directors – 57 percent – have a master’s degree, just 1 percent have a medical degree, and 7 percent have no college degree at all…”

“Widespread addiction to opium-based drugs has raged off and on through the decades, often following war – including the Civil War and both World Wars – when soldiers’ pain was treated with morphine and they became addicted to it.”


Well, there you have it folks, the main reason for the opioid abuse “epidemic” — the recent Middle East wars, and the VA’s over-use of opioids to treat mental conditions, like PTSD.  Want to know where all the pain pills on the underground market come from?  Who’s responsible for diversion?  Well, perhaps it’s veterans and the VA.

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