Members of NM Medical Board

Third Quarter Meeting
August 15-16, 2013

Members Present:
Steve Weiner, M.D., Chair
Steven Jenkusky, M.D., Vice Chair
Paul Kovnat, M.D., Secretary /Treasurer
Roger Miller, M.D.
Sam Kankanala, M.D.
Steven Komadina, M.D.
Albert Bourbon, PA-C
Jennifer Anderson, Esquire, Public Member
Rick Wallace, FACHE, Public Member

Members Absent: None

Others Present:
Lynn Hart, Executive Director
Grant La Farge, M.D., Medical Director
Andrea Buzzard, Assistant Attorney General
Dan Rubin, Administrative Prosecutor
Gayle Mascarenas, CFO/HR
Jackie Holmes, Compliance Manager! PlO
Amanda Quintana, Licensing Manager
Debbie Dieterich, Investigations Manager
Amanda Chavez, Investigator
Leann Lovato, Investigator
Samantha Breen, Administrative Assistant

**From presentation of 1/16/14 of Jennison’s
Current Members (2013):

• Richard Adams, MD, Obstetrics / Gynecology
• Laura Brown, MD, Family Medicine / Addiction Medicine

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