The UK’s Nurses Are on Strike for Better Pay

“NHS workers aren’t the only people to be hit by a string of pay freezes and below inflation pay rises. Over the course of the morning the picket was joined by local government workers, museum workers, charity workers and lawyers, all turning up to show their and to give them cash, Jaffa Cakes and biscuits.”

7/25/2014, HolyWater… and… Terpene-Rich Cannabis Concentrates

Addison DeMoura, COO of Steep Hill Halent Labs, is a self-proclaimed concentrate lover and has seemingly made it his mission to help improve the community’s knowledge on the topic. As he explains, the aroma from a one-gram container of HolyWater is comparable to that of “a whole bag of weed.”

DeMoura goes on to say that most samples of concentrate clock-in with around 4% percent total terpenoid content. HolyWater, on the other hand, has routinely been tested with 20% terps or more.

As explained to me by Kenneth “K” Morrow, founder of Trichome Technologies, the Handbook of Essential Oils reports that as much of 60% of a plant’s terpene content is lost during the drying process. Compound that with the terpenes that are lost in the midst of your typical extraction and we’re left with just a fraction of the terpenes found in the resin of a live cannabis plant.

12/11/2011, New state law leaves patients in pain (Washington)

The growing legion of untreated pain patients has become so troublesome that some clinics, like one in Everett, post signs that ward off walk-ins: “We do not treat pain patients.”

Washington has at least 1.5 million people who struggle with chronic or acute pain, the American Academy of Pain Management estimates. The state has thousands of practitioners with prescribing privileges. But as of last month, the state’s sanctioned list of pain specialists numbered just 13.