Monthly Costs of Treatments for Chronic Pain

Previously (for me):
30-day supply of Generic Hydrocodone (10mg)
$2 (2008)
$4 (2009)
$5 (2010)
Free (2011)

30-day supply of Generic Oxycodone (15mg)
$2 (2008)
$4 (2009)
$5 (2010)
Free (30mg) (2011)

($170, health insurance)

Others throughout the years:
$1, Oxycodone (40mg) (2007)
$2, Meperidine (generic Demerol) (50mg) (2008)
$30, Lidoderm patches (2009)
Free, Alprazolam (2mg) (every year)

Currently (2013/14) (for me):
$1,800 for “adequate supply” of cannabis
$0.99, generic aspirin
($142, health insurance)

2012 Uninsured Prices:
$20, Generic Methadone (30mg/day)
$48, Generic Morphine (extended-release 30mg/day)
$270, MS-Contin (120mg/day)
$319, Generic Oxymorphone (sustained-release 30mg/day)
$1,031, Oxycontin (sustained-release 160mg/day)*

*Most expensive on the complete list, which can be found (in both English and Spanish) at the link below.

Consumer Reports Health Best Buy Drugs™, Using Opioids to Treat: Chronic Pain, Comparing Effectiveness, Safety, and Price (July 2012)

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